In concrete products in general and in those placed below the level of the ground level or in the vicinity of aquifers, in particular a constructive detail, moreover indispensable, such as the positioning of PVC pipes passing through the walls, constitutes a dangerous element of discontinuity, permeation and infiltration.

In fact, the water is located at the concrete-spacer interface, a place for differential shrinkage and frequent crawl spaces, an easy way of access and infiltration capable of seriously affecting the hermetic seal of the building.

The special characteristics of the Azichem hydro-expansive tires allow the protection to be extended to this true and constructive “Achilles heel”, through water-tight devices that are both easy to manufacture and economically advantageous, consisting of organically functional systems: the BELTSEAL110/125 hydro-expansive gaskets.

Thanks to its geometry, it is applied very quickly directly on the PVC pipe with a diameter between 110 and 125 mm, without additional processing. Its function is to hermetically seal the discontinuities that could easily settle in the concrete due to the presence of PVC pipes, which would seriously compromise the impermeability of the masonry itself.

The hydro-expansive capacity of BELTSEAL 110/125 has been tested in the laboratory with two different types of water: demineralized water and water with a strongly basic pH (to simulate the conditions in contact with concrete). The expansion tests showed a volume variation of 300% and 250% respectively.